Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I'm going to get on the scale today for the first time in a long time. The reason???....... my weight is changing or at least I'm becoming more aware of it. It could be the latter because I'm always surprised by photos of myself. I seldom realize that I'm over weight until then. It's kind of like being sixty but feeling like I'm maybe twenty-four. Then a photo or mirror pops up and bursts my bubble. But lately, I feel heavier and admittedly, there are days I feel every one of my sixty years, too. Of course, becoming aware is not necessarily all depression and gloom. It means that I'm ready to change. I ordered myself a t-shirt for my upcoming sixty-first birthday. It has a changing leaf on the front of it and says, "Change is Good." Yes, it certainly can be. I think most importantly, I need a change in attitude. If I start acting younger, I will feel younger and I think all of those other things will just fall in line. It's about time, I've let them misbehave like naughty children for far too long. So, I'm going to embrace my age but I'm also going to start living as young as I feel in my head and heart. And I'm going to embrace my big beautiful, surprisingly healthy body but I'm going to work to get it in better shape, slimmer and healthier. Change is good.

I haven't been doing much in the way of exercise for the past few weeks. No excuses, I will start again but for now, I'm just fitting in extra steps and movement whenever I can. I'm mentally regrouping. I made this all too much like work, too regimented and too much like I was waging war against my own body. I've decided that the first thing that needs to be "fixed" is my attitude. I'm going to try a brand new approach to exercise. I want to enjoy it and have fun. I'm going back to that book I read months ago that started me on this journey of the many challenges. The book was all about habits, why we have them, how we change or establish them. So, to change a bad habit, you replace it with something that gives you the same reward. I don't know what I was thinking pushing myself like a demon because that certainly wasn't replacing my sedentary lifestyle with something pleasant. What was sitting in front of the TV for hours giving me? excuse not to do an unpleasant task that I didn't really want to do.......a way to escape from not only what needed to be done but the pressures of life that are often overwhelming......a certain amount of pleasure and laughter even though there was no human interaction (although often there was feline and canine company.) So, the exercise can be an escape and certainly an excuse and it can be pleasant. Today, I have a chore to do that will offer at least movement if not a lot of exercise, I need to give my horses a long overdue grooming. Their manes and tales are so full of cockleburs it is disgraceful. This is not the most pleasant of tasks, it is painful to me (those darn sharp burrs) and tedious BUT I will be spending time with my beautiful horses and that is very pleasant. I will also not be sitting in the dark house lost in the TV but outside on a beautiful, surprisingly warm October day. I think that will be a win-win!

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