Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Book-Turn the Page

Happy New Year! This last year has been a difficult one for so many people. We've lost loved ones and friends as I know so many of you have. We've faced health challenges and emotional, personal challenges. I know, to many, today is just another day; it signifies nothing. But, even if it is only psychological, the new year is like turning the page on a new book. That book you read last may leave a lasting impression but now your attention must focus on this new book which is full of undiscovered possibilities.
My resolutions this year will not be so absolute. I'm done with "all or nothing" challenges like the ones I kept lobbing at myself last year. Those only set me up to fail.
I resolve to be as kind, understanding and supportive of myself as I try my best to always be with others. I know that I get upset when I feel my spouse is or others are taking me for granted. Well, I think I have been taking myself for granted and I'm sure many of you have done the same. We program ourselves to be caring and loving with others...or at least, I think, most of us do, lol....but, when it comes to ourselves and our health, our needs, our dreams, we always put ourselves last. It's time that stops. If we expect to be cherished by others, we need to cherish least occasionally.
I resolve to find my peace this year and to actively seek that balance in my life. I need to stop over thinking everything...which I realize, after sixty-one years of making over thinking a priority, will take some effort. But I am going to concentrate on some activities that cultivate not thinking so much, like meditation or ones that require all of my concentration to do right, like yoga. Or even just pausing at the end of my day to contemplate the sunset and soak in the beauty around me that we so often ignore. I'm an over planner and because of that, I'm often disappointed in myself because I do not reach the many little goals that I set at the beginning of the day. I hope, this year, I can let life take me where it will; I want to learn to drift.
I resolve to think through my goals before I set them so that they are doable and I can succeed. There is a woman that I've often mentioned named Ernestine Shepherd. She is the world's oldest female body builder but she is much more than that. She is inspiring for her spiritual leadership as well. Her advice, on the dawn of this new year, is a quote from Jonathan Lockwood Huie: "Whatever you want in life, start today, Not tomorrow _ today Let it be a small beginning- a tiny beginning Your happiness depends on starting -every day." So, let's start today. All it takes is that "tiny beginning" but who knows where that will take us.